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Note: The pdf files contain the entire book with all its illustrations and typographical peculiarities. They are readable and printable with the Adobe Acrobat reader, and also some ebook readers (such as the Kindle and iPad) will accept pdf files. In my fiction books, for instance, when one person interrupts another, the lines overlap for a few words. In other books, such as textbooks, the pdf file contains the illustrations in a printable form. You can, of course, download the file by right-clicking on the link and choosing "save target as" a filename on your computer.

To print a pdf file

   The Acrobat reader allows you to print only the odd or only the even pages. If your printer allows you to print so that the last page is on top and the first page on the bottom, use that setting. Alternatively, take out each page as it comes from the printer and put it down (face up) with the next page on top of it and so on.
   Print all the odd pages first, stacking them as above. Then turn the stack over (so that the reverse of page 1 is now on top) and print all the even pages. You now have all the pages in proper order. (Trim and) bind, and you have a book.

To get a pdf file into your Kindle

First download the file onto your computer (say, onto the desktop, and move it way off to the right, say). Then plug in the Kindle cord to a usb port on your computer. (A window will pop up giving its contents). Then, open "windows explorer" and go to "computer" and you will see something like "F(or whatever letter):kindle. click on that to open the files inside that folder. One of them will be "documents." Make the window of "windows explorer" narrow enough so that you can see the file on the desktop, and then simply drag it onto the "documents" file of the Kindle. It's now in your Kindle, and you can read it. NOTE: You can't do this with an HTML file; you have to email that as an attachment to your Kindle account, for Amazon to reformat it and sent it into your Kindle by their wifi, charging you a few cents.

To get a pdf file into your iPad

With the iPad, of course, you can also see the color in the files. But in order to get the most out of the files, which are formatted so that there is a lot of white space on the 8-1/2 x 11 inch page, you need to download an app like "goodreader" which will allow you to crop the page, so that only the text with a slight margin will show up when you read the page, and you can turn pages just as you do on any ibook. (For those with tablets using Android, the app would be "Ezpdf Reader.) Once having that, go to this website on Safari (your iPad's web browser) and then to "books" and then to the book you want to download. When you touch the link to the pdf file of that book, you will see an option on the upper right, "open in goodreader"; touch that, and the book will download into your goodreader app. Adjust the margins (the icon for doing this is in the center of the bottom row when you tap the middle of the page), and there you are.


The Ten New Commandments  (Whole book as one file)( pdf file)
   A critique of the New Morality and the Culture Wars.

The Evidence on Life Issues in Brief ( pdf file)
   The objective facts about the beginning of life and the abortion issue, the end of life and assisted suicide, as well as the death penalty.

Scenarios ( pdf file)
   Answers to some of the main arguments in favor of abortion, in the form of scenarios revealing what is actually happening in an abortion.

How to Cope with an Alcoholic(or with Being One) ( pdf file)
   Alcoholism as a handicap, not a "disease"; what my analysis of human reality implies with respect to alcoholism and how to deal with it.


The treatise on all of philosophy

The Modes of the Finite (Includes a description and the table of contents of all seven parts)

    Part One: Modes of Being  (Whole volume as one file) ( pdf file)Deals with whether there is such a thing as objective truth, how we can know about reality outside our minds and what it is, whether there is a God or not and what He is like based on the evidence for His existence, what truth, goodness, and moral rightness and wrongness are.
    Part Two: Modes of Energy   (Whole volume as one file) ( pdf file) Deals with material reality: what quantity (measurability) is, and energy, what bodies are, their parts, and their properties, what change is, process, and time.
    Part Three: Modes of Life   (Whole volume as one file) ( pdf file) Deals with what life is as opposed to the inanimate, the characteristics of all living bodies (vegetative life), including what the soul is, consciousness and animals, and finally human life and personhood
    Part Four: Modes of Thought   (Whole volume as one file) ( pdf file) Deals with the various types of human thought: mystical experiences and "altered states of consciousness," logic, mathematics, science, esthetics, humor, and values
    Part Five: Modes of Conduct  (Whole volume as one file) ( pdf file) Deals with the basis of morality, its relation to human choice, conscience, and the situation of the act; then it deals with moral issues involving the individual by himself: his finiteness, his life, his faculties, and his acts.There is then a section on religion.
    Part Six: Modes of Interaction   (Whole volume as one file) ( pdf file) Distinguishes two basic kinds of human interactions:the economic and the social; in the first, it deals with rights and economic activity, and in the second with society and the "natural societies" of marriage, the family, and civil society, and finally the two interactions are combined in a discussion of the complex firm.
    Part Seven: Modes of Development  (Whole volume as one file) ( pdf file) Traces the universe in its development as a dialectic of love, from its inception in the Big Bang through inanimate evolution of stars and galaxies and planets, through living evolution and animal evolution, and then human evolution in the individual and in society through ancient, medieval, and modern times.


Aesthetics (Esthetics): Esthetics   (Whole book as one file) ( pdf file)
   A study of beauty and art as an investigation of a type of objective knowledge we possess, distinct from perceptive knowing

Epistemology, Logic: Knowledge: Its Acquisiton and Expression  (Whole book as one file) ( pdf file)
   An investigation of truth and how we know, and how we reason.

Ethics:   General Ethics: Human Conduct  (Whole book as one file) ( pdf file)
   An objective investigation of the moral obligation, and its implications for individual and social life.

   Metaeconomics/Business Ethics: The Moral Dimension of Human Economic Life  (Whole book as one file) ( pdf file)
   A study of the foundations of economics and the relation of economic activity to morality.

   Medical Ethics: Ethics in the Health-Care Field  (Whole book as one file) ( pdf file)
   The implications of morality for health-care delivery.

Philosophy of Being (Metaphysics): Experience and Reality: Metaphysics  (Whole book as one file) ( pdf file)
   Reality and how we know it; its general characteristics.

Philosophy of God (Natural Theology): The Finite and the Infinite  ( Whole book as one file)( pdf file)
   An investigation of whether there is any evidence that there is an infinite being, and what characteristics that being must have based on the evidence for its existence.

Philosophy of Living things: Living Bodies  (Whole book as one file)   ( pdf file)
   A study of living bodies to discover general principles, such as what life is, what consciousness and understanding are.

Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Nature: The Body of Science and the Science of Bodies  (Whole book as one file) ( pdf file)
   An investigation of science and its method, followed by a study of energy and inanimate bodies.

Text for learning to read Greek Decoding Greek  This is only a pdf file, because the Greek characters won't show up in the usual internet(html)text format. It's not useful if you want to write or speak ancient Greek, but is a more efficient way to read it (You learn the nominative case of all declensions, the third person of all tenses of the verb, etc., so you can recognize the endings when you see them.).
  I will include the WordPerfect file of the book,for those interested in printing from the original.

Energeia and Entelecheia: "Act" in Aristotle, published by the University of Ottawa Press, 1992, now out of print, but says there's "limited availability." I have a few extra copies. If you write to me at the address under the link on how to contact me, I can send you a copy.
   A detailed study of two words in Aristotle.


Plato's Republic for Readers: A Constitution, published by the University Press of America, 1998, found on
   Plato's famous work on whether honesty is really the best policy or not.

Christian writings

My version of the Liturgy of the Hours

I call the print version of this "A Job for Retired Laymen" It is an edition of the Breviary (the book priests read and monks chant). To use the files linked to below, first read the preface. Then you read the Psalter, finding in the contents the day of the week (it's a two-week cycle) and the hour you want to read. When you are in Matins, and you get to the end of a Nocturne, you go first to the Season file and find the day of the liturgical season you are in (e.g. Tuesday after Easter), and read the first reading there. Go back to the Psalter and read the Second Nocturne and after that back to Season, reading now the second reading of the day, and then you go to Saints and read any reading there might be for a saint of the date. You then go back to the Psalter and read lauds, terce, sext, none, vespers, and compline (preferably in the morning, mid-morning, noon, mid-afternoon, before supper, and before bed).

Preface (pdf file These pdf files contain the "illuminated" letters.)
The Psalter (pdf file)(  psaltera.pdf    psalterb.pdf  These last two files not only have illuminated letters, but Celtic illustrations and a reasonably readable Celtic font, for those who want more atmosphere reading the psalms.)
The Proper of the Seasons ( Advent/Christmas pdf file | Winter pdf file | Lent pdf file | Easter pdf file | Spring pdf file | Summer pdf file | Audumn pdf file Here the pdf file of the Proper of the Seasons is divided into 7 parts, so that the files won't be too huge.
The Proper of the Saints ( pdf file)

The Parables of the Mansion  (Whole book as one file) ( pdf file)
   Different people approach the Mansion and are greeted by the Owner; some decide to enter, and others prefer to wander in the darkness.

Preface to the Lay Life  (Whole book as one file) ( pdf file)
   An attempt at an "ascetical Theology" of Christian lay living: A discussion of the practice of perfection in the lay state.

The Problem of Evil and the Kingdom  (Whole book as one file) ( pdf file)
   An examination of the implications of the problem of evil presents for the loving, caring God Christianity talks about. It hypothesizes that all the evil in the universe is (even retroactively)a punishment for the fall of the first man, and that with the coming of Jesus, all of it would be abolished if he were accepted as King of Judea. But because of the "second fall" (mankind's rejection of him as king), evil continues and rescue comes only by uniting oneself to Jesus and his suffering so as to experience resurrection and deification with him.

The Synoptic Gospels Compared, published by The Edwin Mellen Press, 2002
   A study of Mark, Luke and Matthew investigation which was first, which second, and which third.

The New Testament: an Idiomatic Translation (3 vols.), published by the Edwin Mellen Press, 2003 [Note: The link goes to the first volume, but you should be able to navigate your way around to find the others.]
   An arrangement of the documents of the New Testament into the order in which they were written, and a translation into an English which reflects the Greek style of the authors.


Acosmia  (Whole book as one file)  (pdf file)
   A tale of a trip to Jupiter and the intelligent beings found on it.

The following novels intend to show that saints are people
who struggle with sinful tendencies, and are not always successful.
Saints are sinners who are forgiven and who try hard.

Magdalene  (Whole book as one file)(pdf file)
  A novel about Mary Magdalene, as onr of a heptalogy: a7-novel "nested" series on the followers of Jesus, dealing with the Seven Deadly Sins:
   Magdalene is about lust, Matthew about greed, John about anger, Andrew about envy, Nathanael about sloth, Thomas about intemperance, and Judas about pride. In these novels, everything objective will be the same, but each will show the events from the point of view of the hero. Thus, when Mary Magdalene talks to Matthew, the Magdalene novel records the conversation as Mary understood it, and the Matthew novel takes the identical words and shows them as Matthew understood them. And so on.

Note:These novels need not be read in any special order.

Matthew  (Whole book as one file) ( pdf file)
  A novel about Matthew, another in the projected 7-novel "nested" series on the followers of Jesus, dealing with the Seven Deadly Sins. This one is about greed.

Thomas  (Whole book as one file) ( pdf file)
  A novel about Thomas, another in the 7-novel "nested" series on the followers of Jesus, dealing with the Seven Deadly Sins:
This particular novel is about "gluttony" in the sense of intemperance, or more specifically, alcoholism. Of course, there is no evidence that St. Thomas was an alcoholic, but somebody had to exemplify the vice.

Nathanael  (Whole book as one file) ( pdf file)
  A novel about Nathanael, another in the projected 7-novel "nested" series on the followers of Jesus, dealing with the Seven Deadly Sins:
This novel is about "sloth" (laziness), but in a wider sense it is about cowardice, which is what is behind Nathanael's not wanting to do anything.

John  (Whole book as one file) ( pdf file)
  A novel about John, another in the projected 7-novel "nested" series on the followers of Jesus, dealing with the Seven Deadly Sins:
This particular novel is about anger, but because of John's genius and his personality, I made him have aspects of Asperger's syndrome, and also gave him homosexual tendencies, to create a struggle. There is no evidence whatever that the real John actually had these tendencies.

Andrew  (Whole book as one file) ( pdf file)
  A novel about Andrew, another in the 7-novel "nested" series on the followers of Jesus, dealing with the Seven Deadly Sins:
This novel is about envy, and envy's disguise as a search for "justice."

Probably, the following should be read last of the seven

I, Judas  (Whole book as one file) ( pdf file)
  A novel about Judas, another in the 7-novel "nested" series on the followers of Jesus, dealing with the Seven Deadly Sins:
This novel is about pride, and the destruction it works.

Longinus: A Passion Play in Three Acts  (Whole play as one file)( pdf file: Note: The layout of this file is "lanscape" so that it can be printed as a booklet. Print the odd pages of the first half first, then run the same pages through the printer for the even pages to be printed on the backside [be sure page 2 is on the back of page 1, etc.]; then print the odd pages on the front side of the second half on the blank part of the page, turn over and print the even pages on the remaining blank part. It's easier to do than describe.)
   A play, in the style of a Greek drama (with choruses commenting), about the four soldiers who crucified Jesus.


Choruses from Longinus

Sonnets for the Hours