The Natural Eye

    I call these paintings and photographs "Natural Eye," because of a discovery of mine dealing with how we see in three dimensions. When we look at an object, our eyes aim at it, making the images from each eye coincide (binocular focus). All other objects in the field of view are seen in slightly different places by each eye. The brain uses one of these images to "see" the image itself, and the other to interpret how far in front of or behind the image in focus it is. This secondary image is reduced to the very threshold of perception, so that it functions only as a placement clue in three-dimensional space.
    The photographs have two overlapping images, one very faint, giving the information the "second eye" gives in binocular vision.

To make your own camera, click here.

The paintings have a very faint "aura" around the images, indicating their placement in the visual field.

NOTE: The 3-D effect can be enhanced by closing one eye;the remaining eye contains all the information normally received by both eyes. Also, press f11 (in Windows) to see an enlarged image, where the effect is more obvious.

NOTE 2: Once you have clicked on the link and gone to the picture, if you click on the picture, you will get a greatly enlarged view of it, and can look at details.

A "natural Eye" tour of Israel

Click on the first image, and the slide show will begin. You can choose (at the top right) how many seconds you want the image to remain before the next one takes over.
(There may be some errors in the captions, since the tour--as you can see from the dates--was of the "if it's Tuesday, this must be Belgium" variety)

Paintings and photographs

 Teeming (Acrylic on canvas)  The Annunciation (Acrylic on canvas)  Chichén Itzá, Yucatán, Mexico. View of the great pyramid.  Beach at Punta Cana, Dominican Republic  Black Power Acrylic on canvas  Beachscape (Acrylic mural, 4049 Victory Pkwy)  Moonscape (Acrylic mural, 4049 Victory Pkwy. This no longer exists; it was replaced by "beachscape.")  Monticello, the "nickel" (back) view, Charlottesville, VA  Two fishermen, (Acrylic on canvas)  Elena, Sonnet xviii, (Acrylic on canvas)  Iguazú Falls, Argentina  Iguazú Falls (Acrylic mural, 4049 Victory Pkwy.)  Madonna della fenestra (Translucent paint on plexiglas)  Marco Dominican Republic  Street in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico  Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. (Acrylic on canvas)  self-portrait  The Joys of Space (Acrylic on drywall pieces)  Sunset in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico  Taj Mahal Acrylic mural, 4049 Victory Pkwy.  Hotel Continental Villas Plaza, Cancún  Wedding party (Acrylic on canvas)

 World Trade Center (Translucent paint on plexiglas)


The sculptures are of cherrywood, each about eighteen inches high.

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