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In Memoriam: Elena Blair (1926-2016)

Elena Blair

In Memoriam: George A. Blair (1934-2013)

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— George A. Blair (Who am I, and how can you contact me?)

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   You might want to try something for the Fourth of July (or any time for that matter): read the Declaration of Independence. The link leads to a sound file of me reading it. Performance time is about ten minutes; but beware: it takes a while to load the file (it's pretty big). To download the file, right click on the link, and then choose "save target as" and give it a name like "declaration" in some folder like "documents" in your computer. Then go to that folder and click on the file.

   Now that ebooks (those readers for electronic files) are becoming more popular, what with Amazon's wonderful Kindle, I have decided to add a single file for each of my books, putting the whole book in HTML format, which most readers will accept. (If you want to read it on a Kindle, you get that file on your computer by right-clicking on the link and "save target as" some file on your computer with the extension .htm, then send it to your Kindle email address on as an attachment, and ask them to format it for you. If they get nervous tell them I have given you permission, and refer them to this website).
   If you haven't tried reading ebooks, I recommend them, and suspect that they're the wave of the future. With a light, tiny, thin thing like my Kindle, I have all of the works of Dickens, Shakespeare, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Thackeray, Jane Austen, George Eliot, the Aeneid, the Federalist Papers, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, several detective novels, and my whole seven-volume breviary; and that's only the beginning. It's absolutely great for travel. Can you imagine taking all these books with you as you trot off to Cancún? I did last month, and when I wanted light reading, it was there, and when I wanted something serious, it was there too.